House Sitter

Occupation: I lead a varied life, but a typical year consists of conducting meditation groups, working casually, conducting workshops on energy, colour, crystals etc. and giving private energetic transformation therapy sessions and a couple of months volunteering work. Oh and I now coordinate a collective called Selfless Servers which is a volunteering group of alternative health practitioners, serving clients and carers.

Interests: Animals, people, working with energy and nature, volunteering, learning, photography, meditation and travel; to name a few!

I love house sitting! I have, and continue to meet, so many wonderful clients and beautiful animals on my journey. There really doesn’t seem a better ‘win-win’ arrangement for the client and myself so that your home and pets are cared for while I am granted the flexibility to live my life in the semi nomadic style I enjoy and be able to uproot to volunteer throughout the year. I am grateful for my clients, my pet friends and my experiences and look forward a great future of house sitting!

Whilst this is an informal arrangement, I take it very seriously and just like my professional career, I provide clients with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality and respect.